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Dedicated Server
 Rack ServersA dedicated server is a server fully devoted to the needs of only one client. A dedicated solution allows for faster access to information and provides greater flexibility in software, site traffic management, and scalability. When your Web site is critical to your business, you need the power and reliability of a dedicated server.

Why Choose Dedicated Server Hosting? 
With a dedicated server solution only your web site will be installed on the server. This allows 100% of the server's resources to be available to your web site instead of sharing resources with other client's web sites.  For more information please fill out our sales request form.

Dedicated Solutions Beginner Professional Corporate Enterprise
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Monthly Charge $415.00 $609.00 $760.00 $1609.00
One-time Setup Fee $415.00 $609.00 $760.00 $1609.00
Processor Speed 600MHz Celeron 866MHz Pentium III 933MHz Pentium III 700MHz Pentium III Xeon
# of Processors Single Single Dual Dual
# of Power Supplies Single Dual Dual Dual
RAM 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB
Disk Storage 10GB 7.2K ATA 100 Two 9GB 10K SCSI Two 9GB 10K SCSI Three 18GB 10K SCSI
Raid Configuration - Single Channel RAID 1 Single Channel RAID 1 Single Channel RAID 5
Setup Time Next Day Next Day Next Day Next Day
IP Addresses 8 8 8 8
Network Cards Dual Dual Dual Dual
Backbone T1 T1 OC-12 OC-12
Monthly Data Transfer (metered) 21 GB 21 GB 21 GB 21 GB
99% Uptime Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Full 24/7 Full 24/7 Full 24/7 Full 24/7
Minimum Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Linux RedHat Want Linux instead of Windows 2000? - Subtract $60.00 / month from above price
Hard Drives Add additional 9GB SCSI Drive - $23.00 / month or 18GB SCSI Drive 30.00 / month
Backup Services $75 / month (weekly) or $200 / month (daily) plus a $250 setup fee
IP Address Add additional IP Address - $10.00/month
Exceeding Bandwidth Additional 5 Gigabytes (GB) / month used $20.00
WWIP Server Management $200.00 / month - Includes 24x7 network & application monitoring with monthly stats for uptime/downtime percentages, server management, immediate technical response, software installation & management, and basic server consulting. This does not include any software programming or anything else not listed.
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